Upskill, together, with Odyssey S‑Groups

S‑Groups are personalized, virtual meetups for facilitated co‑learning and peer coaching. We match you with like‑minded and motivated people, so you can build connection while taking your personal and professional success to the next level.

Odyssey is a community for personal and professional development. Our mission is to help you become the best version of yourself.

The 'S' stands for Success

Research shows professional success comes from personal growth. Odyssey S-Groups will accelerate your growth, and help you fully realize your potential.

  • Find meaning and purpose in the work you do and the life you live
  • Grow awareness of your personal and professional value
  • Acquire freedom and fulfillment through authentic connections

We'll find your group

Our S-Groups connect like-minded people together for facilitated co-learning and peer-to-peer coaching.

Regardless of industry or role, top performers distinguish themselves by their high levels of social and emotional intelligence.


Our Groups Grow Together

The fastest way to become your best self is with the help of compassionate peers. We'll connect you with people who share your learning interests, experience, and determination, so you can grow, collaborate, and belong.

  • Together we can overcome self-doubt and become more confident
  • Together we can find clarity in our ideas and communicate more assertively
  • Together we become more resilient to setbacks and adversity
  • Together we build better understanding of our feelings and how others see us
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Social and Emotional Intelligence

The fastest way to success is by improving your social and emotional intelligence.

Here is a sample of topics we offer at Odyssey:

  • Confidence and Assertiveness
  • Navigating Conflict and Emotion Literacy
  • Self-Care and Self-Discipline
  • Leadership and Self-Management
  • Meaning and Purpose
  • Power Dynamics and Responsibility
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Connect, Grow, and Belong

Who are you really?
Who could you become if you were challenged and supported in the right ways?

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